The Samsung Galaxy S10, introduced in February this year, is among the best Android smartphones today. They are brilliant in every aspect, including in their software and its interface, the One UI. However, we believe they can get even better with these 10 helpful tips.

Then you’ll find our video and text advice for the Galaxy S10 generation! From personalization to the automation of some of the modes present in this generation of smartphones. There is much to be said, but we begin by adjusting the aspect and presentation of the contents to the scale that may be considered more suitable for its type of use. It’s simple and we have everything on video.

1 – Screen Zoom on the Samsung Galaxy S10

First of all, we can adjust the zoom or scale of the icons and other content presented in the respective screens. Play Store Pro To do so, go to the Settings – Display and Light – there you will find the Screen Zoom. Now, adjust the scale by moving the slider to increase, or decrease the size of the icons, text, etc.

2- Navigation bar on smartphones with Android Pie

The second tip is the use of gestures for navigation on smartphones. Something that is already present not only in the Samsung Galaxy S10 but also on any mobile device with the Android version Pie or later. Go to Settings – Advanced Functions – Navigation Bar and make your choice.

3 – Main screen in landscape/landscape mode

Thirdly we have another tip for the screen of these smartphones. More specifically for those who want to use the main screen in panorama (horizontal) mode. To do this, touch the start screen until the options appear, select Settings and find the option “Turn to landscape mode”.

4 – Night mode in Samsung Galaxy S10

Next, we suggest the night mode. It is one of the functions already transversal to various applications and manufacturers, also known as a dark mode. For activating the same within the Settings – Display and Light – Night Mode. We advise you to set your automatic activation at a time of your choice. You can also activate this mode from the top bar of notifications and quick shortcuts.

5 – Display mode on smartphones with AMOLED screen

Fifth, make the screen of Samsung Galaxy S10 even more shocking. To do this, you can select the Live mode within the Settings – Display and Light. You will find there the natural mode as well as the live mode, as well as other settings for the respective smartphone AMOLED screens.

6 – Side illumination on S10 and S10 smartphones +

The sixth tip also relates to the screen of these smartphones. Download Chain, However, it applies to the top models, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + with its slightly curved screen. In these devices, you can configure side lighting, with various patterns, themes, and colors to signal the different notifications and alerts.

7 – Take more advantage of the Side Display

Seventhly, we suggest you customize the apps, shortcuts, and/or folders that appear on the side of these smartphones. In practice, when you slide from one of the screen margins (from right to left), the floating menu of the side screen will appear. There you can put your favorite apps, folders, or shortcuts.

8 – The Bixby Virtual Assistant – Home screen

The virtual assistant is still present on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and is present on the left screen of the smartphone.  However, you can disable this screen. Just press on the home screen, drag to the left and at the top will have a switch to Bixby Home where you can turn it off. The procedure is reversible.

Bixby also has a dedicated physical button on the left side. If you do not consider it useful you can assign another function, in this case, open an application you have chosen. Go to Settings – Advanced functions – Bixby key. There you can configure this button for whatever you want.

9 – Making smartphones “faster”

The ninth tip will give you the feeling of having a smartphone even faster. Although Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones are powerful, by reducing the scale of animations and transitions, the device will seem faster. In practice, all transitions and “jumps” between menus will be faster.

There is, however, a “trick” to be able to change these settings. You will first need to activate the scheduler options by going to Settings – About Phone – Software Information. Then look for the build number and quickly click at least 7 times at that point. Now back off.

Just below you will find a new menu “Programmer Options”. There, you have numerous options, but you should look for the scale of animation, transition and animation time. In all three select 0.5 times, having your time.

10 – with or without “notch”?

In the tenth and last place, we have the option to disable the “notch” in Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones. To do this, go to the Settings – Display and Light – Full-screen applications – Hide front camera. The upper portion of the screen will turn off to hide the camera, but will eventually have non-proportional margins.

10 Tips for Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones

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