Death Race is a vehicle-only Free Fire mode. Players are grouped in groups of two and move on the map without ever leaving their vehicle. The winning duo is the one to survive until the end of the match.

The amphibious bike was the vehicle chosen by the creators of Free Fire. It is the same for all players. You can upgrade the bike as well as your gear by picking up items on the map. In this mode, items are larger and easily visible.

1. Master the roles of pilot and shooter

With two-seater capacity, the amphibious bike allows one player to take the place of the Rider and the other of the Shooter. Each post has a different job.

The Rider drives the motorcycle and keeps it running using his repair kit. It is responsible for the direction and the collected loot.

The shooter defends the bike and eliminates the opponents using his weapon. In addition, he can heal himself using the medical kits he picks up. If the motorcycle is blown up or if the Shooter is eliminated, the duo loses the match.

During departure, you can ask to change positions using the steering wheel / chair icon depending on where you are sitting. The two players need to accept the exchange.

2. Choose the place to land

Just like in the usual Free Fire mode, falling into the right place can make the difference between victory and defeat. It is the Pilot who chooses the time and place to jump off the plane.

The amphibious bike is a bike that takes a long time to pack and loses a lot of power when climbing. Choose a flat location to start the match. The best performing locations are the plain in front of Mars Electric, Cape Town, Airport and the Shipyard . Of course, the road that crosses the island is also a good place.

3. Speed ​​is everything

In this mode, being fast is the most important. Get up to speed using flat terrain to gain speed, avoid obstacles and sudden turns. Maintaining your movement and speed will make it harder to achieve. Attack fast and defend yourself even faster, accelerating away from danger. Avoid steep slopes whenever possible. Your bike will lose speed and you will be exposed to enemy shots.

4. Take the loot

As with all Battle Royale games, the best loot gets the most advantage. In this mode, the Loot is highly visible and just pass the icon to get it.

Whenever you eliminate an enemy, you can loot it. The loot can improve your motorcycle’s armor and speed, its weaponry (extras only), and add medical or repair kits.

5. Use your computer

Deadly racing is a two player mode only If you have no friends or members of your online guild, you will be automatically matched to another player at this time . Use the microphone to communicate with your partner. Talk about the route, warn of enemies or other hazards in the area.

6. The strongest team wins

The important thing is to win the match . If you are in the Rider’s seat, keep the bike safe and repaired as you advance rapidly across the terrain. If you’re in Sniper shoes, focus on shooting and eliminating enemies.

If for some reason you want to switch to the Shooter, ask your teammate. Do not press the change of seat button from minute to minute. Besides being annoying, it can have leave vulnerable. Remember that the score is shared .

7. Keep the bike running

If the bike explodes, you lose. Whenever the motorcycle is hit, look for a protected location and repair the damage. If it’s the Sniper, enjoy the break and heal yourself. Keep everything rolling and you will get further.

8. Rear Attack

Although the Sniper can observe the terrain 360 degrees, the Pilot can only have the normal view of who is driving a vehicle. Always try to attack enemy bikes from the rear . The enemy Pilot will take longer to dodge your shots so you can damage or even eliminate the opposing duo more safely.

9. Don’t Forget The Gas Zone

The Gas or Radiation zone increases, decreasing the game zone. Many players, just because they are in a vehicle, tend to overlook the Gas zone and end up being eliminated. Don’t just rely on your bike’s speed to escape from gas.

9 Tips for Winning the Free Fire Death Race

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