Check out some tips to make the most of this little corner in a practical way and help in the organization of your home.

Optimizing space is a word of order for those who own a small house or apartment and need to enjoy the surroundings in the best way possible. The space behind the door can be used in several ways, ensuring greater organization of rooms and 100% use of space to avoid mess and things scattered around the house.

The use of gains, yardsticks, hangers, and other support makes it the most practical environment and allows you not to stack or accumulate boxes to gain more room in the environment.


Self-hooks or doorknobs above the door are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to hang those items that are in space to stay in the house. Eid Mubarak gif Hang your belts, purses, handkerchiefs or costume jewelry and stop the disappearance of your accessories when you are about to leave the house. Hanging everything behind the door is also a way to help you remember to use those items that have been leaning for some time. Leave everything in sight, this will make it easier to leave, avoiding delays looking for lost items or that have been dropped by the house and gone when you most needed them.

Hanger support

Are you going to have an important meeting at the company the next day or visit a client and want to last your clothes so she does not love them? This bracket is a great way to keep your shirt or dress flat and free of creases or wrinkles. Hang up all the pieces you’ll need the next day, so you’ll streamline that part in the morning. Take the time to hang the watch, rings, and necklace that you will wear. This will prevent it from twisting or wrapping together with other parts. The belt and purse that you will wear on the day can also be kept nearby, so you gain time to leave on time.

Footwear pocket

The plastic shoe pockets help a lot to optimize environments with very limited space since shoes occupy a considerable place and if they are scattered give a feeling of relaxation in the environment. Such support helps hide a mess that could not possibly be avoided due to the lack of space to have a shoe rack or closet exclusive for the storage of the pairs. This part does not require that anything is nailed directly to the door, keeping it intact, since the bracket is placed over the hooks. This will also give you visibility of all the shoes you have at home, allowing you to create your looks and match the pieces more quickly.


Shelves are excellent options for storing items or mainly toiletries. They can be used in bathrooms to put shampoos, conditioners and other hair products or in rooms, for perfumes, deodorants, and products for the skin, for example. If placed in the kitchen, the shelves can be used to store the seasonings and condiments used in the day-to-day, making it easier to use when preparing meals.


Using mirrors behind the door helps you gain a new space to do makeup or straighten your hair, Good Morning Whatsapp Status especially where a proper dresser does not fit. This support also has shelves and hooks to leave all the items you need, such as your jewelry, makeup brushes or skin and hair products. So with the other support, this also does not require any direct damage to the door, as it is docked over.

These ideas are true for every room in the house and you can use your creativity to adapt to other needs or create a similar model with things you have at home or find in craft stores or haberdashery. The important thing is to put into place legal, sustainable ideas that help make your life easier on a day-to-day basis, especially on days when you need to leave home or are late. Hang everything you will wear and dress more easily.

In the outdoor area, you can think of a support option with pockets to put gardening items such as scissors, shovel, seeds for flowers and plants, apron, gloves and etc. If you do not have any kind of garden or plantation but have pets, you can change the pockets suspended by hooks and hang the collar of your pet, for example. There is plenty of possibilities to enjoy the spaces of all the doors of your house.

How to enjoy the space behind the door?

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